On the world...

I thought I would take this opportunity to write about something I understand very little, but want to so badly. The World. This world is a gift. It is taken for granted in so many ways, by myself, and many of its other inhabitants. If we cannot have respect or love for one another as human beings that share this beautiful planet, how can we find the time to take care of it? I feel like this is going to turn into a rant because I am angry. I am angry that humans cannot respect one another. I am angry that people are dying. Paris, Turkey, Brussels, wherever it is, people are dying. People are leaving for no reason other than another human was angry, or deranged, or following 'orders'. This isn't the kind of world I want to live in, do you? 


Throughout our lifetimes, we have seen some terrible tragedies, and even more beautiful growth. When bad things happen, instead of crumbling, we stand stronger. We raise our head higher and our pride as a united world shines truer. I hope that one day that will matter. That one day the quiet thoughts of millions scream loud when someone tries to scare us, to attack our lives and livelihoods. That women can stand up and speak their mind, that the people of poverty can stand up against their suppressors, that human beings can begin to band together in more than just a national way. That nationalism becomes internationalism, beyond facebook photos, instagram hashtags, retweets. 


Speak up. Stand Up. What does our silence do?

It promotes more silence.

Love bigger.