• See an Opera. The Palazzo Pitti puts on open air performances throughout the summer, and they are so unique and fun (cost: depends per show)
  • Attend the San Giovanni Festival. In the end of June, Florence celebrates it's patron saint with a parade, fireworks, and soccer (cost: FREE, soccer tickets were 10 euro for bleacher seats)
  • Eat at Acqua Al 2. DO IT. Blueberry Steak. (cost: expensive, but worth it)

Florence In Summer

Firenze is a city like no other, filled with culture and beauty. Here are some tips on things to do in Florence in the Summer!

  • Get Gelato! Cross the Arno on the Ponte Santa Trinita to the best gelato shop in the whole city. Their flavors are killer and combine really well (cost: less than 5 euro)
  • Bring Bug Spray. The mosquitoes are vicious in Firenze in the summer. Bring bug spray, or anti-bug bracelets in order to guarantee a pleasant trip (cost: USD 10)
  • See a Concert. Outside of the Palazzo Vecchio in the evenings, orchestras tune their strings and perform for the crowd. It is a gorgeous experience (cost: FREE)
  • Look at Art. Some of the most famous works of art and architecture are located in Florence, you would be crazy to miss them. Check out the Duomo, Bapitistry, Uffizi, & so many more! Don't forget to say hello to David, as well (cost: can be FREE, as many works are out in the open, though museums will cost)