Glossier. Highlighters

As I am sure many of you have seen/read/heard, Glossier is quickly becoming one of the coolest makeup lines out there. When I saw their new Haloscope Highlighters, I had to order them, in both colors!

Below is some of the fun stuff that came in the box. Stickers?! I was stoked, and they now are all over my board at work. 

Each highlighter came in its own box and are appropriately named Quartz and Topaz. I decided to get both because with my fair skin, sometimes fair products like these don't show up on my skin, and I wanted to see what Topaz would look like.

When reading about these highlighters, I came across the claim that they will not leave you sparkly or dry, which is exactly what I think of when I think of previous highlighters I have owned. I was skeptical about the no sparkle concept, but I was so wrong!

Below is a before photo. My camera still makes me look a little highlighted and dewy, but you can definitely tell the difference as we go on...

I moisturized, put on BB cream, and then some Studio Fix powder from MAC before beginning application.

Application was super easy! I used a small brush to put the product in the corners of my eyes, and then used the Quartz stick to do the rest of my face.

Below is the final product! I used quartz on my brow bone, cheek bone, and above my brow. I also used it in my cupid's bow and eye corners. I used the topaz on my lid.

Though it is subtle, it leaves a really beautiful glow!

The only real con about the product is that it is very balmy, and in the DC summer humidity, it starts to feel sticky at the end of the day. That being said, I would definitely recommend this product!