as many of you know, I was able to go to Paris Fashion Week this year. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about how the system worked, and had invites to a whopping zero shows. Here are some tips on how to boss fashion week when you aren't yet a boss in the fashion world


1. Find a great place to stay

I got SO lucky in the home base department during my trip to Paris. Using AirBnB I found an apartment for around USD 60 per night, absolutely unthinkable when it comes to hotel prices in the city of lights. Our hosts were uber gracious, taking us out to dinner and making sure we had absolutely everything we needed to be comfortable during our stay. This was my first AirBnB experience, and I could not have been happier. Just look at this place!


2. Bring a camera (whoops!)

I didn't do this step, but if I had a camera, I definitely would have. All of the photos in my Street Style album are on an iPhone, something I would love to change. I have fallen in love with chasing beautiful people and their equally beautiful clothing around, and I believe it really would have amped up my game to have the pictures in high quality. That being said, I love how many of my shots turned out, and it allowed me to instantly upload everything to Instagram as I went.

3. Don't be afraid to ask

I got into two AMAZING shows by doing simply this, asking. The same goes for some of my favorite style photos, I just asked. Because there are so many paparazzi around, many of the show-goers get many a camera jammed in their face. By asking, I was able to establish rapport with the person, allowing the photo to be more natural. The same goes for the shows. I was lucky enough to attend Leonard Paris and John Galliano at PFW, and I was able to do so by approaching the organizer and asking! It was truly simple. That being said, the huge shows like Chanel and Valentino would have not allowed this, but some of the more intimate shows were definitely susceptible to allowing little ol me inside.

Outside photos taken inside and out of John Galliano, Inside at Leonard Paris. Amazing experiences all around! xx


4. Appreciate everything!

Hopefully self explanatory, this trip was one of a lifetime, and if you ever get the opportunity to go to a Fashion Week, JUST DO IT!

PS: If you think you cannot afford this kind of adventure, I am going to do a cost breakdown to show you how doable it really is...

  • WOW! Airline Tickets: USD 500 (give or take) for a roundtrip ticket
  • AirBnB: USD 408
  • Food/Souvenirs for 8 days: USD 400 (eating a croissant every morning was only 1 Euro per day!)

Moral of the story: Don't ever give up if you have a dream. It is reachable, it is doable, and there are so many people rooting for you to succeed!