Kortni Jeane Swimmers

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Spring has popped its head out of the ground like a tulip, reminding us that summer and warm weather are just around the corner. I could not be more stoked. I'm convinced that some people were born to spend their lives laying on the beach, and I'm definitely one of those people. There is one thing, however, that stresses me out about summertime: swimsuit shopping.

Only models and Taylor Swift enjoy swimsuit shopping. Every year, I have the same difficulties: the tops are too tight, I look dumpy, and I can't find one that flatters my short frame and large boobs without making me look chunky. I was just short of investing in one of the Duggar sisters' swimsuits (because I doubt they ever have to worry about these things) when I discovered a saving grace.

Kortni Jeane swimsuits are trendy and made especially for girls who have can't wear Target swimsuits without looking like a fool. They're all about style and feeling confident in yourself.

Yes. Confident. In a swimsuit. Like whaaaat.

Naturally, I was interested in these swimsuits, and when Sadie and Mary Kate Robertson posted a couple of photos on Instagram in their Kortni Jeane swimmers, I decided it was time to check them out. After online stalking Kortni's website for like, three months, I finally bought a swimmer. 

And I'm in love with it. 


photo from kortnijeane.com

photo from kortnijeane.com

photo from kortnijeane.com

This swimsuit is the sweetest thing. The first time I put it on, I literally said "aweee" because I'm in love, and that's what people who are in love with their swimsuits say. 

Guys. This swimsuit. It makes me real happy. I can't wait for summer, the beach, and getting to wear this cute thing!

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