Wake Up & Make Up

Makeup, a super important part of many people's morning routines. I absolutely love playing around with new products, but am definitely not a makeup expert. Sometimes I feel like I stink at it, like I am painting my face with a big blob of moisturizer, but when it turns out nicely, it's totally all worth it. Below, I have rounded up some of my favorite products to use in my daily makeup routine.

They are all fairly cheap, and I hope you adore them! @theelenamae xx

Baby Skin by Maybelline. This is an awesome base for anyone who doesn't have the big bucks. It goes on like a moisturizer, and helps to instantly erase pores.

Eyeshadow Primer by Urban Decay. I feel like every girl already has this in her arsenal, but if you don't, I highly recommend it! My eyeshadow stays put all day and doesn't ever crease, even in the muggy Washington, DC summer.

Concealer by Clinique. Super self explanatory. The yellow tint to this concealer helps to cancel out the purpley circles I wake up with every morning. It is SO frustrating to wake up looking like a zombie, but this certainly helps me feel more awake.

Bronzer by Clinique. I have had the same bronzer since I was a freshman in college way back in 2009. I just started to use it as a pseudo-contour, because I can't quite afford the Anastasia palette I so desperately want. This stuff has a little bit of sparkle. I love love a little bit of shine so this is insanely good.

Studio Fix Powder by MAC. I started wearing this for dance when I was younger, because it has foundation built into it. I can use it without foundation underneath, as it has great coverage.

Prep & Prime Highlighter by MAC. Brightening all of your pretty features? Put this in your cupid's bow, on your nose, and cheekbones. 

ProLongwear Paint Pot by MAC. I use this on top of my highlighter, and also on my brow bones. I honestly sometimes have no idea where to use certain products, so I make things up, and I love it.

Eyeshadow by MAC. It's perfect. It's pigmented. DON'T order it online though, or it will show up cracked and sad.

Liquid Liner by Stila. This liner is awesome for my shaky hands. The line I get tends to be straight and even, except when I sneeze or freak out in the middle of application, and then all is lost.

False Lashes Mascara by MAC. This eyeliner has THE BEST brush ever. It makes my lashes look twice as long and has a great jet black color. You can even get travel bottles of it for ten dollars a pop!

Lipstick by MAC. I love all of it. Seriously. All of it.

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Makeup is a fun way to experiment with your look. Let me know what you think! XX