No Apology

I started college many moons ago in 2009. My first choice of major? Anthropology. Obviously, no one sticks to their first major, and I eventually ended up with a BA in International studies and an MA in Education & Human Development, but I decided this year I wanted to bring my original major back into my life, and that led me to a job at Anthropologie. 

Let's be real, my original major had nothing to do with my job, but that's a fun story, right?

Anyways, today's outfit is almost exclusively Anthro, with the exception of my beautiful Lotus & Luna bracelet and my Inverness & Crane rings. I chose this because I am working my office job and my retail job today, so balancing the perfect outfit is important. I elevated my look with Lien.Do heeled sandals, and balanced it out with my Hei Hei trousers, which happen to be the best pants EVER. 

Check out the outfit widgets below for more details, and make sure to follow me @theelenamae on insta!

XX, Morgan