All photos taken by ELENA MAE @theelenamae

PARIS in the Summer

Thinking of going to the City of Lights this summer? Here's a list of things to do on a weekend (or week) adventure!

  • Walk along the Seine for hours. Really, hours. It is so gorgeous, the weather is beyond, what do you have to lose? (cost: FREE)
  • Visit Disneyland Paris. You think I'm joking, I know... BUT I'm not! Disneyland 2.0 is in Paris, as it was built about 40 years after our beloved Disneyland California. All of the bugs are worked out. The queues were ridiculously efficient, because everything in Europe is, and the rides are different from our stateside assortment. (cost: 1 day park hopper USD 75)
  • Stop and smell the roses. Paris has an aggressive amount of shops selling flowers. Stuff your face, and your camera, into as many bunches as possible (cost: FREE, unless you're buying of course)
  • Visit Chez Josephine. Off of Rue de Rivoli on Rue Caron, Chez Josephine sits in a square framed by shade trees. The food is divine, and there is a Scottish Pub down the road called Pure Malt that has a rad vibe (cost: most under 20 Euro/plate)
  • Sunbathe outside the Notre Dame. The plaza of this gorgeous building is full of warm sunlight, the perfect place to read a book or people watch (cost: FREE)